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2024 campground guidelines

Your help is appreciated in keeping Hillbilly Acres beautiful, clean, and safe!

Campground rules can change as necessary to ensure the welfare of Hillbilly Acres Campground visitors and guests and to protect our property and licenses.  

All of our campground policies are created with these guiding principles.

Please keep them in mind while you stay at Hillbilly Acres Campground. Thank You!

Be KIND; respect your fellow guests.

Be CLEAN; keep Hillbilly Acres beautiful for all to enjoy.

Be SAFE; keep this Family Campground safe for all children and guests. 

RELAX, UNWIND, and have FUN!

Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • PAYMENT: We are required to pay as soon as you get in. 

  • REFUNDS: Cancellations more than 7 days prior to the arrival date will receive a full refund or a full camp credit. Cancellations 3 days prior will receive no refund. 

  • CAMP CREDIT: Camp credits can be used up to 1 year on a future reservation or as a store credit.

  • EARLY DEPARTURE: No refund will be made should you be asked to leave the park or for early departure.

Family Campground Behavior & Conduct

  • QUIET HOURS: Quiet hours are from 11 PM until 8 AM. All music must be turned down at 11 PM and voices must be lowered in respect of your fellow campers. This includes cornhole and other loud games. 

  • SPEED LIMIT: Speed limit is 10 MPH campground-wide and includes all vehicles and golf carts. Children are at play everywhere, so please be alert to children in the roadways. If you are caught speeding more than once, you will be asked to leave. 

  • KIDS: Kids under 10 must be under direct supervision of parent or guardian at all times. Kids 16 and under must be at their campsites by 10 PM unless accompanied by their parent. 

  • CONDUCT: Registered camper of each site is responsible for the conduct of their guests, visitors, and kids. Persons displaying loud or disorderly conduct, using obscene language, or ignoring these rules will be told to leave. This could include the site host.

  • ALCOHOL: No alcohol consumption is allowed on the premises by persons under the legal age of twenty-one (21). Should any member of the tenant's party be arrested for underage alcohol consumption, this seasonal agreement will be terminated, and the renter will vacate the rental property immediately. No refunds will be issued if the tenant or any member of the tenant's party is required to vacate the rental property prior to the renter's check-out date.

  • CAMPGROUND ETIQUETTE: Do not cut through or visit another camper's site without the explicit permission of that camper.  

  • NOTE: No firearms, fireworks, drugs, drug paraphernalia or other illegal substances are allowed anywhere on the property.

Campsite Registration/Rental & Guests

  • CHECK-OUT 12 noon and CHECK-IN 2 PM. 

  • SPECIFIC SITES: We try and place our guests in specific sites, but that site is not guaranteed. Sites may be requested, but we can only guarantee a site type. 

  • EARLY CHECK-IN: Campsite is not guaranteed to be available for early check-in prior to 2 PM. If early check-in is available, you may request it by calling the campground.

  • LATE CHECK-OUT: Campsite is not guaranteed to be available for late check-out later than 12 noon. If late check-out is available, you may request it by calling the campground and paying a $10 late check-out fee  Late check-out time is 2PM.

  • EXTENDING YOUR STAY: If you plan to stay longer than your reservation, please make arrangements with management prior to your check-out date. 

  • EQUIPMENT REMOVAL: We reserve the right to carefully remove your equipment and charge a reasonable removal fee if needed.

  • GUESTS: All campers, guests, and visitors are required to check in at the Camp Store or with the Campground Owners. Your guests must know your campsite number or cabin name.

  • LIABILITY: Hillbilly Acres assumes no liability for accidents by guests.

Campsites & Rental Units

  • CLUTTER: Every campsite must be free of clutter and be kept neat and orderly at all times. 

  • TRASH: Each guest is required to deposit their own trash in the dumpsters. Please do not litter or throw trash into your fire ring & leave behind. 

  • LAKE: Please do not throw sticks or trash into the lakes. Make sure all kids are supervised by a parent when next to the lakes/creek.

  • VEHICLES: Vehicles must be parked on your campsite or in an assigned space. Do not block roads and do not park in other campsites. Stay on graveled roads only. 

  • CAMPSITE VEHICLES: No more than one RV & a tent and no more than two vehicles per campsite. Please park extra vehicles in the overflow parking. 

  • PICNIC TABLES & FIRE RINGS: Please do not move picnic tables or fire rings from other sites without permission. Please return all tables and other equipment to their original positions before leaving the campground. Campfires are permitted on campsites and must be contained in a provided campfire ring or elevated fire pit. Guests must stay with the fire until it is completely out. All debris must be cleaned up afterwards. 

  • SAFETY: Do not place grills on the campsite picnic tables.

  • SERVICES: Report any leaks or needed repairs to management promptly. NO MATTER WHAT TIME!

  • DO NOT CUT LIVE PLANTS: Please leave trees, bushes, and flowers for others to enjoy; do not pick flowers, drive nails into trees, or cut bushes, trees or limbs without permission.

  • PLEASE CONSERVE WATER: Campground water is not to be used for washing cars, trailers or any other “extra” purposes, including the use of washing machines in trailers.

  • CLOTHES LINES: Temporary clothes lines may be used for towels and swimsuits but must be taken down when you leave or when they are not in use. Permanent clothes lines are not allowed.

  • CONSTRUCTION: No construction without prior approval by the owners of Hillbilly Acres.

  • REPAIRS: No repairs of cars, boats, motors, trailers, or other similar activity permitted on your site. Please check with the management if you need space for or help with repairs.

Family Campground Activities, Equipment, & Safety

  • PLEASE BE CAREFUL: Use of lake, campground, pool, trails, playgrounds, and other Hillbilly Acres Campground equipment is at your own risk; campground assumes no liability for injury or loss. We will not accept liability for loss of or damage to camping equipment, vehicles, or property of campers or guests.

  • POSTED RULES: All posted rules at Hillbilly Acres, activities and amenities must be read and followed.

  • LAKE: Fishing is catch-and-release basis only.

  • EMERGENCY CONTACTS: The camp store is the best place to call or go to in an emergency during store hours. The Owners phone numbers are (812)-798-5636 or (812) 798-6458. For emergencies, dial 911. Please let owners know if you have dialed 911 so they can help the emergency team locate you in the campground. 

Pet Policy

  • PETS: We allow quiet, non-aggressive pets. Good behavior is required. Dogs of any breed that are hostile or aggressive will be asked to leave the campground. All pets must be kept on a leash. Pets may not be left unattended at your site. You MUST pick up pet waste & dispose of it properly. 

Golf Cart/ ATV Rules for Everyone

  • LICENSE: Driver must be at least 16 years old and have a VALID driver’s license in their possession to operate a golf cart.

  • RESPONSIBILITY: All cart owners are responsible for the operation of the golf cart including any damages that result from operation.

  • LIGHTS: Golf carts operating after sunset must have the light(s) turned on. Lights must be permanently attached and at least four inches in diameter.

  • CONDUCT: Please keep the volume level on radios, stereos, or other audio devices low so others are not disturbed. Vulgar or lewd lyrics will not be tolerated. Alcohol is permitted only at your campsite.

  • SAFETY: Golf carts must be operated properly and driven only on roadways. Golf carts are not to be driven across vacant or occupied campsites, in the creek or lake, the playgrounds, empty fields or in other restricted areas. 

Cabin Rentals

  • CLEAN-UP: Please clean up the cabin and deck prior to checking out. Please remove all trash prior to checking out -- dumpsters for trash are located near the orange and green sections.

  • RENTALS: You will need to bring pillows, sheets, blankets, linens and toiletries. We do provide toilet paper, paper towels, kitchen towels and rags.

  • ACCIDENTS: Accidents do happen! Please, if you have a spill, leak, or other disaster during your visit, notify Owners right away. 

  • DAMAGES: Up to $200 in cleaning/repair fees will be applied if the unit is left unclean, damaged, has pet odor, smoke odor, or burns.

  • KEY RETURN: Please leave keys on table in Cabins & unlocked. 

  • NO SMOKING: Absolutely no smoking inside any rental unit.

  • GRILLS: Grills are not allowed on the decks or picnic tables.

  • CUTTING BOARDS: Please use the cutting boards provided. 

  • ALCOHOLNo alcohol consumption is allowed on the premises by persons under the legal age of twenty-one (21). Should any member of the tenant's party be arrested for underage alcohol consumption, this seasonal agreement will be terminated, and the renter will vacate the rental property immediately. No refunds will be issued if the tenant or any member of the tenant's party is required to vacate the rental property prior to the renter's check-out date.

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