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seasonal campsites available

Hillbilly Acres Campground offers seasonal campsites. These sites are a hot commodity as they provide campers with an outstanding facility for the entire season without the hassle of tearing down camp after every adventure. We have capacity for around 100 seasonal campers. Spend your entire summer vacation and then some in one of our seasonal campsites. Our sites are tucked among the trees and some even with a lake view. The camping season runs from April 1st to November 1st depending on weather. It is a great place to call your second home. No more setting up or breaking down every weekend, so come and go as you please. Now your favorite campsite is ready and waiting for you each weekend, or through the week if you wish! Check out our rates, and if you would like more information or to schedule a tour, please contact us.




Seasonal Camper Rules:

  • Seasonal campers are responsible for maintaining the appearance of their site, such as upkeep of lawn, gravel, etc. If your lawn goes uncut and HBAC has to take on the responsibility, there will be a fee charged.

  •  Firewood must be stacked neatly & elevated/not lying on the ground.

  • Seasonal campsites may only be used by the Seasonal Agreement holders. All visitors that stay the night are required a $5/night per person charge.

  • There are to be no large items left outside of the dumpster for any reason. Absolutely no refrigerators, batteries, mattresses or appliances of any kind are permitted in our dumpsters. Anyone who ignores this rule is subject to non-renewal.

  •  No construction of any kind without prior approval by the Owners. Example - decks, sheds, etc. No metal barns or structures unless spoken with the owners.

  • Only one camper & one golf cart or off-road vehicle is permitted per campsite. Unless permission is given by owners.

  • If a vehicle of any kind is broken down, it will need to be removed ASAP from site & campground.

  • Not A Lease.

  • Camper agrees that no visitors with campers, tents, or trailers shall be permitted on the space agreement herein.

  • Camper agrees that the Camper shall accompany his/her guests at all times, and that, only the Camper’s boat shall be used when fishing on premises.

  • The speed limit is 10 MPH in the entire campground during ALL hours. This includes all vehicles and golf carts. Please abide by this speed limit for everyone’s safety. If you do not abide by the 10MPH speed limit, your agreement will be terminated.

  • The Camper will assure that all obligations of this Agreement are understood by all of the Campers and Guests, including children. The adult Campers will monitor and supervise all minor Campers to assure that the minors abide by the requirements of this Agreement.

  • Camper agrees that all pets belonging to the Camper, and all pets belonging to any guest of the Camper, shall be kept on a leash and confined to the space agreement herein, be properly cared for and cleaned up after at all times.

  • Camper agrees that only one (1) boat, one (1) trailer & (1) golfcart or off-road vehicle will be permitted per each agreement space herein, and that Camper agrees to pay to the Campground the amount of fifteen dollars ($15.00) per month for each additional boat and or trailer left on the premises for any given time during any given month while Camper is not present. No more than one shed/storage building is permitted per camp site.

  • Camper agrees that he/she will not remove trees or make any alterations to the space agreement herein without the expressed consent of the Campground. Digging is not permitted.

  • Camper agrees to carry his/her own comprehensive insurance coverage. HBAC will not be held liable for loss, damage or injury from any cause sustained by the Seasonal or the Seasonals family, guests, or their property or belongings. This includes but is not limited to Seasonals Trailer, Automobile, Shed, Deck, Awning, Screen Rooms, Tents, Furniture, Ornamental Structures, Interior Furnishings, Electronics, Computer Equipment, Appliances etc. for Trailer, Autos or other Vehicles.

  • Camper agrees to observe and obey all posted signs on the property owned by the Campground as described herein, such as but not limited to “Speed Limit”, “No Fishing”, “Keep Out” or any other warning or informational sign posted.

  • Camper agrees that no swimming or wading is permitted in the Campground’s ponds/lake(s) located on the premises owned by the Campground and described herein.

  • Camper agrees to observe and obey any and all rules and regulations posted on or about the premises owned by the Campground as described herein.

  • Camper agrees that at any time the space agreement herein becomes unsightly in the opinion of the Campground due to grass not being mowed or excessive leaves, the Campground will cut the grass and Camper will be charged a fee following the work done. 

  • Camper agrees that at all reasonable times during the time of this Agreement, the Campground shall have the right to enter upon the space agreement herein for the purpose of examining and inspecting the same to determine whether the Camper shall have complied with his/her obligations hereunder with respect to the care, maintenance and use of the space agreement herein.

  • We understand that our admission to the Campground may be terminated by the Campground, at any time in the sole discretion of the Campground.

  • Camper agrees that this Agreement may be renewed upon expiration at the option of the Campground, providing the Campground has received payment to the renewal period on or before the expiration of the current Agreement, including any and all increases in the amount of the Agreement of which the Camper will be notified of at least thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of the current Agreement.

  • Camper agrees that if payment for renewal is not received on or before the expiration of the current Agreement, Camper will be charged the amount of five dollars ($5.00) per day until the agreement is renewed or the unit removed from the premises and the space put back in a condition acceptable to the Campground.

  • Pool hours are 9AM - 9PM 

  • There is no lifeguard on duty. Swim at your own risk. All children under 16 should be accompanied by an adult. All visitors will be accompanied by the Seasonal.

  • Absolutely no running or horse play around the pool. If this rule is violated, you may be banned from using the pool.

  • Everyone is required to wear a swim suit. Babies must be in appropriate swim wear/swim diapers. No jean cut offs, t-shirts, etc.

  • If you bring food or beverages into the pool area, please pick up all trash and dispose of properly. Keep food out of pool.

  •  Absolutely no smoking allowed in pool area. Please step outside of the gate & dispose of cigarettes correctly.

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